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There are the up-and-coming root vegetables with near-celebrity status — celeriac, parsnips, beets — and then there is the potato. Simultaneously beloved and despised, the potato is our most-grown and most-eaten vegetable and the one that is sometimes seen as a leading villain in the obesity pandemic.

O.K., but chips and fries are not the only ways to eat potatoes. A good potato can be incredibly delicious sautéed in a little garlicky olive oil, simmered in stock, boiled and drizzled with the tiniest amount of butter and a sprinkle of mint or mashed with greens. No one is going to convince me that these preparations are going to make us fat.

And those are just the start. In the something like 10,000 years since the potato was cultivated (it has been in the hands of Europeans and their descendants for only 500), there have been something like 10,000 different ways of cooking it. Here are a mere 12, but at least a few of them are bound to be new to you. All of these recipes are based on about two pounds of potatoes, roughly four medium to large spuds.

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  1. James Mathew said...

    No doubt, that the potatoes are the best part of our eating habits. Generally people relates it with the obesity & diabetes as well, and suggest not to eat it, while having these type of problems. But, i think this is not correct. These problems arises when people are not concern about their diets. They over eat such things and on the regular basis such as 3-4 time daily which leads them to get the obesity. But if you will take it in less quantity then it’s a very good part of healthy diet.

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