With the Grain

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Grains bring different characters to different seasons. When it’s cold, they’re mostly porridge, or beds for stews and stir-fries. But as spring turns to summer, it’s time to think about grains in salads. And these salads make for a terrific transition to the time, which will be here soon enough, when you wish you didn’t have to use the stove at all.

Grain salad is more of a concept than a “dish” — there are virtually infinite variations. But the current season could not be more ideal, replete with late-spring and early-summer vegetables that require only chopping, slicing or grating. All that you’ll need to cook are the grains, which neither demand very much of your attention nor heat up very much of your kitchen.

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  1. Jennifer M said...

    What is your opinion on sprouting whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts?Is it true that sprouted grains are more nutritious and easier to digest?

  2. Martha said...

    Tried ur map out weekday meals & my family loved every recipe!! Give us more, more, more ! I think mapping of week day eals shoul d be ur next cook book. We’re NOT vegetarians but enjoyed the veggie meal… Give us more!,,,

  3. Helen said...

    Thank you! (Mahalo Nui Loa as we say here in Hawai’i..) I read “With the Grain” today in the Sunday Times Magazine.

    For the first time in a year I got REALLY hungry! I have breast cancer and I am now doing chemo…my gourmet husband died last year and I hate the thought of shopping, preparing food and then most times I will just end up giving the meal to my neighbor..no appetite.

    But I lit up as I read this article. I got up, went to the store and bought Arugula, spinach, strawberries, red onions, feta cheese, pecans, and brown rice.

    I just finished my second bowl made with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing that my husband “created.” My neighbor may go hungry tonight.

    I feel almost human again!!

  4. Johanna said...

    I returned this book after I saw that there recipes with meat or fish in them. I didn’t read the book to find out why. Could someone, particularly you, Mark, explain this to me? I am, in fact consume some dairy and fish (fish, maybe once or twice a year), so I’m not a matyr or fanatic about “veganism” per se.

  5. Antioxidants said...

    Everybody certainly needs to think about the things that they put into their bodies, because things like this can have a huge effect on the health of each and every individual in the future. It can be so easy to get grains into your diet, right from the start of the day. For example, I always have porridge for my breakfast first thing in the morning, and that gets some of those important grains. You can add them to almost anything that you’re eating, which is brilliant. It is so easy that everybody should give it a go as it can improve health in the long term.

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