Whole Roasted Carrots

Story and photos by Mark Bittman

Cooking for four omnivores and a vegetarian the other night, I made an awesome beef-and-vegetable soup to start, a real labor of love of which I was quite proud. Needless to say this was not going to make the vegetarian happy.

So I decided to give her a preview of a vegetable course, in part because I have a refrigerator drawer full of these still-firm and –flavorful Glynwood carrots and in part because I realize I never roast carrots whole, but almost always as part of a (now somewhat boring and clichéd) roast vegetable mix.

It was pretty simple, of course. I took a big lump of butter and put it in the pan on the stove while I heated the oven to 400°. I trimmed the carrots but didn’t peel them; rather I scrubbed them with a brush – peeling seemed overkill. Then I rolled them in the melted butter and put the pan in the oven.

They took 45 minutes or so, but I held them at a lower temperature for a while. All I did was shake the pan now and then so they browned evenly – and at some point threw some salt in there. It could not have been much easier; biggest mistake was not making enough, because they were devoured quickly.

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  1. Bharath said...

    Mark this is the easiest food to cook I have ever seen! only carrots nothing else but, seems to be really good for health. will try it for sure.
    thanks for the post.

  2. Fabio Figueredo said...

    What a dish, COOL!!!

  3. Sanobook said...

    I love carrots and this is the easiest food I’ve ever seen so absolutely I’m gonna try it. Thanks for sharing Mark.

  4. I never thought of this. Is better if I slice the carrots? Hmm thinking of roasted carrot chips as well.

    • Luna said...

      I think whole carrots would taste sweeter and also absorb less oil. But I’m thinking about chopping the carrots a little too, to reduce the cook time.

  5. lifecycle said...

    Roasted in olive oil…we call them vegan sausages!

  6. Chococraft said...

    What a fantastic post! The information is very useful. Thank you for sharing this here.

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