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Nicholas Kristof brings some promising news from the developing world: Illiteracy and AIDS are receding, ancient diseases such as Guinea worm and polio are on the way out, and child mortality is dropping.

Less encouraging: One of the many troubling consequences of the federal government shutdown is the suspension of the F.D.A.’s food safety inspection program. Speaking of food safety: The Chilean farmed salmon industry uses more than 300 million grams of antibiotics a year. And this salmon gets infected with parasitic sea lice, which (as demonstrated by this photo) you don’t want in your salmon.

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  1. carl safina said...

    Of all those developments, conquering illiteracy is most basic; it eases all the other problems.

    It appears that worldwide, salmon farms are generally not compatible with the continued existence of wild salmon. Farming salmon in British Columbia, where wild salmon populations were robust when farming started, seems to have been a dreadful, devastating mistake, as far as I can tell.

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