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One-day labor walkouts were staged at fast-food restaurants in 100 cities Thursday, with workers demanding a living wage of $15 an hour. But it’s not just McDonald’s and Burger King employees who are underpaid: Higher-tier fast-food places also stiff their workers. Maxwell Strachan at the Huffington Post thinks we should be tipping them.

Melinda Moulton, the C.E.O. of a redevelopment company, was one of 200 people to take part in the 3Squares Challenge, during which she lived for a week on just $36 worth of food, or around $1.71 a meal. “I don’t know how people do it,” she said. “I am hungry a lot.” (One can do this, you know, but it takes cooking skills and time.) Meanwhile, a Guardian editorial suggests that instead of sussing out food-stamp fraud, which is minimal, Congress should focus on where the real abuse happens—Wall Street. Love that.

First Al Gore announced he is going vegan—now Jay-Z and Beyoncé are giving it a go for 22 days. (See my column last week.) But if you ask me, say what you mean and mean what you say, Beyoncé, and stop shilling for Pepsi. And also? If you are going to go vegan, maybe stop wearing fox fur.

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  1. Theresa Ryan said...

    I wonder if you might nudge a colleague to consider putting out a book of vegan one-pot or casserole dishes, especially for featuring holiday or ‘theme party’ recipes? Casseroles I know are antithetical to minimalist principles but a single, steamy well-placed dish at a work, church, or family event could easily lure the uninitiated over to our side- especially if a whole cookbook could be referenced when asked from where such a hearty vegan recipe came? Almost 10 years a vegan and all I can recommend are Aloo Gobi and Ratatouille. All the vegetarian casserole cookbooks I’ve seen rely too heavily on dairy products to make elimination/substitution feasible. The smattering of vegan blogs featuring casserole dishes are also full of processed soy artifacts that are not available or appetizing to everyone everywhere, and traveling with vegan soups can end tragically. Please help bring vegans back to the party -maybe reach hundreds or thousands more through their stomachs?

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