We all know soda isn’t food. NYC, at least, is backing that up.


New York City is trying to ban the use of food stamps for buying soda and other sugary drinks.

What would make even more sense, of course, is to double the value of food stamps used for real food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. This isn’t that hard to figure out; we just need to get the stars to align. And some government help in fighting the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by Big Food each year on marketing absolute crap.

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  1. obkabie said...

    10 years ago my husband and I along with our two children were on food stamps. We never ate better! We have never had a food budget that high since going off. While I 100% agree that sodas and sugary treats should not be allowed to be bought using food stamps, I disagree that people on food stamps need more money. I have recently been working with single moms who are on welfare and food stamps teaching them how to budget and spend their food stamps wisely. Unfortunately these women know nothing about preparing food, storing food, and buying food. There is enough money being given in food stamps (after all, it is just a supplemental program — it’s not designed to be your entire food budget!), there needs to be more money in teaching people how to cook and prepare foods.

  2. LadyVeggieHead said...

    I would love to be the person teaching people on food stamps how to prepare and cook food to make their budget stretch! This sems like a wonderful opportunity to teach and guide. If anyone knows of a career like this let me know I can take this idea and run with it.

  3. Anonymous said...

    You are my hero for being someone who actually suggests solutions for how we can fight the junk food marketing monsters, and change our nations’ bad habits. Bravo!

  4. obkabie said...

    LadyVeggieHead — the work I do is volunteering through a church. Churches are great places to hold classes and they are usually very supportive of such programs. Even if you are not affiliated with any religion, most churches are happy to have the help!

  5. timothyoreilly said...

    Big fan of the site, but I gotta say, I don’t think this ban could be more condescending. "Alright poor people, you can eat, but not this stuff. This is only for rich people." I’m all for attempts at educating people on the value of healthy eating habits, but this would just be degrading.And how about a shout out to some not so fresh vegetables, i.e. the frozen kind? There’s really nothing cheaper/more convenient for busy people and still packed with good nutritional value.

  6. timothyoreilly said...

    But I do like the idea of increasing the value of food stamps for healthier options. That’s a smart idea.

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