Watermelon All Day Long

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You don’t need an expert to tell you that watermelon is just about the most refreshing thing you could possibly eat in the middle of summer, and that the first and best way to “prepare” it is to just cut it up and devour it, letting the juice drip down your face and spitting the seeds (more on these in a minute) as far as you can.

When the weather is clammy and the watermelons are juicy and sweet (and cheap), it makes sense to have them on hand pretty much all the time. And that means there may be instances when your innate creativity (or boredom) might drive you a little further. Luckily, there are many worthy and refreshing things to do with watermelon that are somewhere between simple slicing and full-blown cooking.

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  1. Eric Riback said...

    Of course there are bad watermelons. Nearly every piece of watermelon I see at the local supermarket and farm store looks terrible. I can tell if I piece will be tasty by looking. Since the seedless variety became the only kind they sell, the quality has been poor, and the prices higher. I finally found a piece the buy last week and it was good, also 79 cents a pound. As recently as ten years ago it wasn’t unusual to find it at 29-39 cents. No longer.

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