Vitamin Water Lawsuit

Here are two reports, one from John Robbins and the other from Michele Simon, on CSPI’s (Center for Science in the Public Interest) lawsuit against Coke, specifically their Vitamin Water. According to John Robbins, Coke is defending itself by claiming that “no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking Vitaminwater was a healthy beverage.” Gotta love that. -mb

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  1. WisconsinLimey said...

    Vitamins, water? What’s not healthy?

  2. OMGomega3 said...

    hip hip hooray. keep up the good work, CSPI. It’s about time Coke is taken to the bench re: Vitamin water.

  3. lx69 said...

    No, no, see…it’s "vitaminwater." It’s different than, say, vitamin water. See? One word. If it’s one word, then how on earth could the consumer be mislead. That’s the loophole.

  4. thecasualvegan said...

    Thanks for posting this. You should include a link to John’s website too:

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