Today Show: The 3 Recipes You Need to Know


You could cook variations of these three recipes for the rest of your life and be sitting pretty.

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  1. Foodino said...

    You probably already know about it, but if you don’t, you have to check out The Perennial Plate ( – this guy/chef cooks, farms, hunts sustainably in Minnesota for a year, and makes an web video episode every week. Its impressive and right up your alley. Anyways, love your stuff, you are doing great things for America.All the bestPeter

  2. LibrarianErica said...

    Mark, your recipes have never, ever failed me, and I use them almost every day. Your work has made me an amazing cook. Thanks!

  3. K gonzales said...

    Maybe ur recipes don’t fail but ur website leaves a lot to bedesired

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