This Week’s Minimalist: The Food Processor Rules!

Your food processor is the king of the kitchen. If you’re letting it collect dust under the counter read this column immediately. No joke, it can change the way you cook.

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  1. KitchenReport said...

    I love my 1995 mini food processor! It makes perfect pesto. But for bigger jobs, such as gazpacho, I have to pull out my 1970s blender.

  2. kathdedon said...

    I just recently discovered grinding beef in my food processor. I’ll have to try pork!

  3. Anonymous said...

    I absolutely love the newest generation of food processors and use mine for almost everything! My Cuisinart Elite has 3 nested bowls, it can puree larger quanties at a time (10 cups of liquid) and it doesn’t leak. The steel blade locks into place instead of falling into the soup pot or cake pan! The ‘dial-a-slice" slicing blade is ingenious, 6 different thicknesses from 1 blade. Recipes from my cookbook ‘The Food Processor Bible’ work perfectly in both older and newer models. Keep your processor on the counter, not hidden away in a cupboard! Norene Gilletz, cookkbook author

  4. fildelis said...

    Huge fan, great article. What brands do you recommend? & curious, what do you think of the Magic Bullet?

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