This Week’s Minimalist: Fall’s Final Fresh Tomato Sauce


Make fresh tomato sauce before it’s too late!

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  1. sboteroj said...

    frying onions and garlic on the oil of a can of anchovies, then adding the anchovies chopped up to the mixture before adding the tomatoes… sublime.

  2. alexanderpolakov said...

    Speaking of "A Season’s Last Sauce", I was wondering,why boil pasta in a "large pot of water" when a small pot of waterwill do the same job and save on both water and gas.Age old method or not, it doesn’t seem to me that the pasta knowswhether it’s been swimming in a large or small pot. and as far as Ican tell, the end results are the same.Am I missing something?Your devoted kitchen discipleAlexander Polakov

  3. cpoticha said...

    Alexander,The point of boiling pasta in a "large pot of water" is keeping the temperature of the water as near to boiling as possible. If you use too little water, the pasta itself will cool the water down too far and throw off the timing, which is crucial. More water, less effect of the pasta on the temperature, and more accurate cooking time.Hope this explains an age old method.

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