This #$!% Has Got to Stop: Part Five


By Suzanne Lenzer

In this era of public cynicism toward corporate America, it’s exciting to see a company, traditionally known for developing junk food delivery systems, trying to do some real good. Walking through the aisle of the local supermarket it’s hard not to notice these Hostess Twinkies: there’s a giant ogre on the package.
Admittedly, it’s “only” a co-marketing campaign to promote the new Shrek film, but still. These Twinkies aren’t like the traditional ones with that cloying white cream substance in the center–these appear to contain a cloying green cream substance instead. At last, a product aimed at encouraging kids to eat their greens!
How exciting it must have been to have to be a part of that product development meeting: “Hey, instead of just making sugar snacks that encourage childhood obesity and diabetes, let’s do some good, public service even. Let’s make the same #$!% but in green! We’ll be helping kids get over their fear of green food–parents will love it.”
Sure, some will say the executives at Hostess really just needed a way to help sell movie tickets–and Twinkies–but come on, that’s just so cynical.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    That is simply revolting, but let’s be honest… if you buy a box of Twinkies that advertises ‘Ogre Green Filling’ you’re pretty clear on what you’re getting; something with the nutritional content (or possibly less) of cartoon ogre snot. What are parents thinking? And what in heaven’s name was Hostess thinking? How about simply co-marketing by including a little Shrek toy or a discount to the film? Blech.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Oh, I do believe Rebecca above just said everything I needed to say!

  3. emartinie said...

    Well, I beg to partially differ. Twinkies were around when I was a kid and I didn’t get fat. The trick of it was, they were an off-limits treat and somehow our parents got us to accept that treats were treats because they were only "once in a while." And, given that Twinkies exist, I (or my inner 9-year old) think that filling them with green ogre snot is brilliant. Why not? Since Twinkies have infinite shelf life, they could be collectibles.

  4. thelandanimal said...

    You are clever to pick up on the fact that these might make kids less afraid of greens. Yet there’s also something extra gross about the thought of green twinkie filling… This is not the best idea from the food company fat cats. Ironically, when I make green smoothies my little brother always calls them "Shrek food" !

  5. wigfest said...

    Where have you been? Just take a walk through the store and look at all this kind of stuff. Repulsive. I fed my kids real food, so these things do not appeal to them, only Doritos and dip (which are from another planet embedded with evil attractants). I DO think this stuff should be taxed. Some kind of fine.

  6. wigfest said...

    Oh, and P.S. ANY parent that willingly buys this kind of stuff to throw out to their litter is abusive!!

  7. Anonymous said...

    ha! my neighbor (total fat ass) was driving down the interstate eating a snickers bar. Half way thru he looks down and notices that the inside of it was filled with slimy lime green chunks. He pulls of the highway, jumps out of the car and is about to shove his finger down his throat when he notices the packaging on his promotional Shrek Snickers.

  8. Anonymous said...

    Wow. I don’t think that a parent who feeds this to their kids is necessarily abusive… Hyperbole aside, it’s just not the best choice. I choose not to feed it to my kids, but if they get a L’il Hug and a ho-ho at a friend’s house I’m not going to commit hari-kiri. I had some of this revolting fare as a kid and realized I liked the homemade stuff my mom turned out better. I have faith that my kids will, too. But the occasional ding-dong? (As in a couple times a year?) Not gonna worry.

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