The Vegan Before Dinnertime Diet on Dr. Oz

I sat down with Dr. Oz to discuss VB6 and cook up a few recipes.

Watch more segments from the show, here.

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  1. Lisa said...

    Nice segment..of course I would prefer advocacy for the vegan 24/7, but this is still great! 😉

  2. Lolie (LMF) said...

    I enjoyed this episode very much. Have been following your recipes for quite sometime but more soo since “on the road again” series. I enjoy visiting Spain and quite a few of the foods. I’m from Panama…but we are South Americans in the base of our culture and includes our “accent” and of course our food. I’m glad to find any easy Vegan recipes. I have been slowly changing towards eating healthier and very interesting in cooking everything I can find that is Vegan.

    Have a question: If processed foods are not good for us…why is Tofu still considered as “good to eat.”..would not be better off buying the beans and cooking them and mashed them ? Is there something else that can be used intead of Tofu?

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