The VB6 Summer Produce Guide

A few months ago, I developed and sent out (to you!) a guide to winter fruits and vegetables. While I’m certainly a fan of tubers and citrus, now is the time of year when produce really starts to get good. It’s the best time of year to cook.

So whether you find yourself with an abundance of zucchini or just want to take advantage of all that’s available now, refer to the guide below. I’ve included tips on preparation and some recipes you can try from The VB6 Cookbook and VB6. (Click the chart to enlarge the text.)


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  1. Great guide Mark – it’s the middle of winter down here in NZ, but summer will be in due course.

  2. Katharine Kingsley said...

    You inspire me.

  3. Lenore Sylvan said...

    Even though I am a young 86 yr.old, I am having more fun cooking now with your delicious recipes. Most of the time, they are not too arduous, complicated or lengthy prep time. Perfect for my energy level. I almost feel like a bride – beginning to cook again. Please continue the marvelous job you are doing.
    Next time I will list some of your recipes that have captivated my heart and cooking soul. – Lenore Sylvan

  4. Susie said...

    Mark, I’m hoping that your next stretch goal will be to develop “How to Cook Everything: Raw Vegan”. Well, maybe not that title… most people wouldn’t get it. Or “How to ‘Not’ Cook: Everything Vegan”. Or “How to Prepare Living Foods”. I love the balance of simplicity and wonderful flavor combinations in so many of your cookbooks. And love that you have the VB6. Raw food preparation (NOT cooking) is a LOT harder than preparing meats, cooked veggies, pasta dishes, etc. I need an expert like you to organize a cookbook the way you have done yours in the past – create food categories, present the recipe, then throw around 10 different options for same recipe. Do the Simple Mark Bittman thing and help those of us who have converted make it more manageable (and kid friendly too!). Happy to be your taste tester / helper in NYC too. Signed, Working Mom of 3 boys in Westchester battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

  5. Jane Greenlaw said...

    Thank you for sending the Guide!

  6. Deborah Singer said...

    I wasn’t even aware that a winter fruit list existed before this, and if you’d asked me to name even one winter fruit, I think I’d have been hard pressed to name one! Not only do we get a list, but recipes!?! This is being “favorited” for future reference.

  7. lourdes said...

    I love it!!!!

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