The VB6 Cocktail Party

mojitoMy last newsletter offered tips on maintaining VB6 during backyard grilling season. With the Fourth of July coming up, VB6ers face yet another test of willpower: summer cocktail parties.

Maybe it’s the heat or the fact that when the weather gets nice, all we want is to kick back and have fun, but for many of us, alcohol consumption increases during the summer.

Of course, drinking makes us lose our inhibitions, which can result in eating foods we might otherwise avoid. That said, here are some tips for navigating a cocktail party—in the summer or anytime.

Crudités: Home base. Try dipping only every fifth piece or so.

Passed hors d’oeuvres: Let one platter of each go by before deciding what’s best.

Meatballs: Can you stop at one? If not, veer toward the cocktail shrimp instead.

Cheese tray: There’s fruit nearby, yes? Make this dessert.

Cocktails: If you want a drink, go ahead, but alternate each alcoholic glass with one of sparkling water.

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  1. barbara weiss said...

    What can I substitute for wheat for a gluten free recipe? Many recipes call for white or whole wheat flour.


  2. Aurora Reyes said...

    Thanks Mark! Always appreciate your practical, sensible, & delicious approach to food!

    I teach flamenco to adults & children. My husband basilio performs and teaches flamenco guitar. Here is a link to my Kids’ Summer Intensive program:

    We eat all I can make of your recipes!

  3. Aurora Reyes said...

    Love it! Thanks

  4. Carol said...

    All great suggestions!

  5. victoria said...

    enjoy all m bittman s books— i can actually follow the recipes–ty

  6. Martha Porter Hall said...

    Thanks for the very helpful suggestions! I’m in Atlanta where, what with the Peachtree Road Race, we tend to go overboard on the Fourth. Your ideas will certainly help me this afternoon! Martha

  7. lillie braudy said...

    thank you for the great idea. PS I needed a blueberry pie recipe and took martha St–t’ s instead of looking for yours. what a disaster. Never Never will I ever not look for you again.

    Keep up all the wonderful ways to enjoy food.
    I luff u.

  8. Janet Hemmig said...

    I just started reading your book and my husband & I are both intrigued. We have a 14 year old son, so I want to make sure he is still getting enough protein. The VB6 philosophy sounds great because it is so easy to remember and I really like the fact that I don’t have to count calories.

    Looking forward to more recipes and tips.



  9. Eric B. Ross said...

    As an anthropologist who often writes about food (ed., Food and Evolution: Toward a Theory of Human Food Habits) or the political economy of food and other basic resources (The Malthus Factor), I just have to say that you are one of the best (that is, most interesting and challenging) contemporary writers on “food.” Many thanks!

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