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Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 10.07.23 AMWhen “The Hakka Cookbook” appeared last year, I immediately set up a cooking date with its author, Linda Lau Anusasananan, who lives in the exotic and far-flung city of San Mateo, south of San Francisco.

The book’s subtitle is “Chinese Soul Food From Around the World,” which could mean almost anything. The Hakkas are sometimes thought of as the Jews of China, because they’re dispersed all over the place. But the Hakka people cannot even point to an original homeland (sources say “north-central China,” but that’s a big place), and the word Hakka roughly translates as “guest families.” These are itinerants, and you can find Hakkas everywhere. “Some people call us dandelions, because we thrive in poor soil,” says Anusasananan, who was born in California. She has also traveled widely to learn new recipes for the book.

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  1. Natalia said...

    Dear Mr. Bittmann,
    I have just finished the VB6 book and I have to say that this is such a good book I can not stress that enough. In my case it’s VB8 because I am from Barcelona and it should be VB9 or 10, but over the years I have learned it’s better for me to eat earlier than most catalans. I have been following the “diet” for about 5 days since I’ve started reading the book. Not only it’s an easy to follow “diet” but I have lost 3 pounds already, and I don’t have that much to lose. It’s easy to follow, so easy to follow and I don’t get hungry at all, and yes, dinner is one day red meat, one day chicken, three days fish and the rest is vegetarian, I sometimes indulge in some chocolate and wine, but I am so aware of what I am eating.
    I start my day with tomato bread…I’m a catalan, remember?… a slice of wholewheat bread, spread half a tomato a little bit of olive oil and maldon sea salt, and coffee with almond milk (that’s the hardest thing… my café con leche will be missed) then it’s been gazpacho and quinoa salad for lunch and the protein for dinner.. it’s working great, and I’m recommending your book to everyone here. It’s just makes so much sense…
    I can not thank you enough….

    all the best

    Natalia Elies

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