The Magic of Masa

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If you’re interested in a serious project, you can make the best tortillas you’ve ever had by soaking and washing dried hominy — corn that has been treated with slaked lime — then grinding it to produce masa, or “dough.” Then you press out small discs and griddle them. Do that, and you’ll have my admiration.

Or you can do what so many people do: Start with masa harina, or “masa flour,” which you mix with water and a little fat. The dough takes five minutes to make (it’s better, but not essential, to let it rest for a while), and the pressing and griddling is simple and fun. If you buy a handy tortilla press, you can skip rolling or hand-pressing, but you don’t need one. (You can also buy freshly made masa, sold at many Latino supermarkets, which will also save you a step, and whose quality is usually quite high.)

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  1. This sounds like a great “New Project” the will hopefully produce excellent food! Will give it a shot. Thanks!

  2. Alex said...

    Sounds great! I was due another tortilla project 🙂

  3. Tanner said...

    THANK YOU!! I have been looking for how people make corn tortillas that taste so good! Where do you buy the dried hominy from?

  4. Chicago Photographer | Couture Boudoir said...

    I never realized how easy torillas are to make. Now I’ll definitely have to give them a shot! Thanks

  5. joseph101 said...

    I will try this.. i am not a good cook but like to do experiments 🙂

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