The Food Matters Cookbook Chronicles: St. Louis


Oftentimes when I’m signing books for people they ask if they can take my picture. Last week in St. Louis I (for the first time) replied, “Fine, if I can take yours.” Really fun. Here are some of them.

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  1. PatTovo said...

    It was terrific having you here in the flatlands…even if you didn’t take my photo.

  2. Villa Toscana said...

    The resemblance is amazing. Good!By Toscana

  3. Anonymous said...

    Thank you for coming to St. Louis! I made the olive, pine nut, kale recipe from the new book for family dinner last Sunday. My dad said, "not bad for something I don’t like." Success!

  4. Judy Seibert said...

    My twin sister and I (in the above photo) loved coming to your event. Thanks for signing all our books. I will try have my Sis let ME have more than one next time… 😉

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