The Comeback Curd

Text and Photos by Kerri Conan

You can cream the mashed potatoes
And inhale the potpie, please.
I choose to get my comfort
From a scoop of cottage cheese.

Back in the nineteen-sixties
When curds were in their prime
Mom got quite creative
So we ate them all the time.

Cottage cheese and not ricotta
To dollop on pasta or toast.
Stuffed inside of meatloaf
Was what I liked the most.

Blended for dips and dressing,
And saucy baked covered dishes.
She even forked it into salads
Made from tuna fishes.

Dad scrambled large curd with his eggs
While Granny served small with dinner.
Chop suey, brisket, or a bucket of fried
She thought it made her waist thinner.

After all that you can understand
Why I needed to take a long break.
But lately I keep a carton handy
To just occasionally partake.

The tang is new but familiar
Melted with groats or rice.
A spoonful in leftover salad
For breakfast is actually nice.

On days maybe sad and nasty,
Tho I’m usually Vegan Before 6:00
A blast from the past can be soothing
And cottage cheese is my feel-good fix.

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  1. Siobhan said...

    My standard breakfast – a dollop of cottage cheese with a handful of almonds or walnuts.
    Alas, supermarket cottage cheese in the US is so bland. Wish the real stuff was more widely available without having to go to places like Wholefoods.
    Cowgirl Creamery used to make a fantastic cottage cheese but sadly stopped a few years back. Always look forward to my visits back to Australia to get a decent quark.

  2. Rachael Reiton said...

    Oh, man, you made me just flashback to fifth grade where I ate peaches and cottage cheese EVERY DAY for lunch.

    I’m going to have to learn how to make it… Any recipes to share on how?

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