The Aliens Have Landed

In the ’30s, as Germany rearmed, we said, “Yeah, France can handle that.” Earlier this week, the Panzer Corps of climate change zoomed right around our Maginot line of denial, and we all became the retreating French.

The disaster we refused to acknowledge has arrived. And now, as then, many people are just giving up. “Oh, well,” countless friends and co-workers muttered Monday, “nothing to do now.”

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  1. Annis Pratt said...

    Your April 2 article, “The Aliens have Landed,” hit me right between the eyes and I have been brooding about what I can do as an individual “to encourage and demand” adaptive changes and carbon capping. For an individual, it would be great to have a list of Moderate Republicans with a Moral Compass and Energy Company Execs with the same to write letters to. Do you know where I could find such a list? Admiringly (that wasn’t a food column unless you count food for the soul),
    Annis Pratt

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