Thanksgiving Pastrami From Danny Bowien

Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fall on the same day this year, so Danny Bowien proposed doing a Thanksgiving Pastrami. He demonstrates the simple meat dish for me.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.27.14 AM


See more, here.

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  1. Rob P said...

    I want to do this on Thanksgiving, any word on the timing in the oven? Or the spice rub ratio? I don’t want to cook it incorrectly on the big day.

  2. Mark, I grew up on corned beef & pastrami, as did my kids. Tradition! Latkes & corned beef were our traditional Chanukah party meal. But, we’ve all long since ditched the meat. Thought you’d enjoy seeing our plant-based solution to the traditional corned beef sandwich. Perfect for this year when Chanukah comes at Thanksgiving. RIght?

    “The Thanksgiving Corned Beef Sandwich – Family’s Coming to Town – Stocking the House for Five Days of Thanksgiving Meals”

    Here’s the recipe for the “corned beef”. More like a BBQ Brisket, but makes a great sandwich anyway.

    BTW: I hear you’ll be speaking at the URJ in San Diego in December. Turns out, my son will be joining you on a Food Justice panel at the URJ. If you get a chance to visit the “Ranch” in Encinitas where he works (don’t miss it), tell him I said he should make you something vegan & delicious for breakfast or lunch! I guarantee you’ll be glad you did! You’re VB6, after all. Happy Thanksgivukkah, Mark! Been a fan of yours for years.

  3. Melanie Phipps-Morgan said...

    Here’s the recipe

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