Thank You, Farmer

Text and photos by Kerri Conan

November opens the season of gratitude and giving. Seems like the first toast should be raised to celebrate our farmers. Mine—the good folks in and around Lawrence, Kansas—grow the amazing food I’ve eaten and written about all year. If you’re lucky, you know yours, too.

Now on the cusp between tomatoes and rutabagas, let’s all take a moment and say, “Thank you, Farmer” for all our meals past, present, and future.

Thank you for taking risks. So I can, too!

Thank you for offering more than one kind of everything. That means I can make this sweet potato salad from Mark a different way each time.

Thank you for inspiring us to make bread again, even in a skillet, on weeknights.

Thank you for turning your neighbor’s crops into something fun and exciting. So I can spike braised fresh cabbage with intensely flavored kraut to serve with my sausages.

Thank you for growing greens of all kinds, from rustic to precious. Now I substitute them in my go-to salad recipes all year long.

And thank you for making our tables places of beauty and joy.

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  1. Alex Hope said...

    That looks absolutely delicious…

  2. Eric Rader said...

    Great article with an even better message. We are a Kansas based Crop Insurance company and this hits home with a lot of our folks. Thank you again!

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