Raspberry Cabernet Sorbet


Freya Bellin

It may be Winter, but frozen dessert never really goes out of season. Plus, with the holidays approaching, you might find this homemade sorbet to be an excellent choice for dinner parties. It comes together incredibly quickly, sounds (and tastes) impressive, and the flavors are bright and rich.

The recipe is somewhat nontraditional for sorbet in that it contains some dairy, although silken tofu is a good dairy-free option. I used plain fat free yogurt, which added a nice creamy texture without much of a yogurt-y taste. The cabernet is subtle but great. I needed the full 4 tablespoons of wine in order to have enough liquid to break down the berries, but you should keep scraping down the sides as you go to make sure the ingredients are evenly distributed and the liquid isn’t hiding all in one place. I kept my leftovers frozen for several days, and it tasted just as good days later. Feel free to get creative with the fruit – I’d try this recipe with blackberries, cherries, or a mix of berries, but you could also replace the wine with water and try pineapple, mango, or essentially any other fruit.

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