The Minimalist: Exit Stage Right


Today I’m bidding farewell to The Minimalist. It’s been thirteen wonderful years (almost 700 columns.) I may be leaving the Dining section (there might be some return appearances,) but I’m not travelling far. Starting next week I’ll be writing in The Times opinion pages (and in a new blog there as well,) and beginning in March in The Times Magazine (plenty of recipes, most Sundays.) Check back throughout the day for some bonus links.

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The Minimalist: Whole-Grain Pancakes

Whole grains add tenderness and great flavor to pancakes.

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The Minimalist: Fazzoletti with Chunky Pesto

If the idea of undertaking fresh pasta at home makes you want to cry, you may need a pasta handkerchief.

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The Minimalist: Zucchini Souffle

A savory souffle, hold the anxiety.

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The Minimalist: Rack of Lamb with Pimenton

This is a fantastic take on rack of lamb with persillade (and the pimenton-garlic bread crumbs are almost a dead ringer for crumbled chorizo.)

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Parmesan Cream Crackers

Throwing a holiday party sometime soon? Forget store-bought crackers and try these.

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Spiced Red Lentil Dal

It’s getting cold (at least in New York). This will warm you up.

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The Minimalist: Shrimp and Cilantro Shu Mai

It’s official: homemade shu mai are way better than the ones you get in the restaurant.

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