Strolling in Paris, With Menus in Mind

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.27.44 AMParis is, of course, a walker’s city. But which direction to take? And to what destinations? With previously unknown (to me, at least) restaurants as my end points, I started at Notre Dame (essentially the center of town; all time allotments below are from there) and headed in different directions for different lengths of time.

After a few attempts, I found myself drawn toward the Marais and the 11th Arrondissement, where I was eating best. When I walked west, I was disappointed. With one exception, I had to walk north (and usually east) in order to find food that thrilled me.

Here, then, are the four winners.

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  1. mortstiff said...

    I also recommend Septime and Caffe di Cioppi, fully reviewed at my audacious website Paris Restaurants and Beyond.

  2. June Jacobs said...

    Enjoyed your review. There are so many great eats in Paris.

    Isn’t the past tense of “shine” “shone,” not “shined?”

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