Spring Stews with Crunchy Crusts

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April is a transitional season, not only for weather but also for cooking. More produce begins to appear at farmers’ markets, and even supermarket asparagus begins to come from places closer than Peru. In most of the country, though, it’s not yet time for hot-weather eating; we still crave more than a light salad.

Light stews with springtime ingredients and satisfying crusts are the perfect dish for this time of year. These are neither the gut-busting braises that we’ve been eating all winter nor the cold soups that we’ll eat in a couple of months, but something in between. The most famous example of this kind of dish, of course, is chicken potpie. The version I offer here is a modern take that celebrates spring with the addition of peas (traditional) and asparagus (less so) and the exclusion of cream.

Read the rest of this article and get the recipes here.

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  1. Edward said...

    The recipes look delicious! Such a fresh take on springtime foods.

  2. David Hobdell said...

    Yeah sounds very much like Chicken Potpie, i will definately try this one out as my mom make this Pretty often.Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Aqiyl Aniys said...

    I can go for the curry-creamed spinach and with potato crust Indian dish. Yeah that would be good about right now.

  4. swollen uvula said...

    April may be a transformation season, not just for weather however additionally for change of state. a lot of manufacture begins to seem at farmers’ markets, and even grocery store asparagus begins to come back from places nearer than South American nation. In most of the country, though, it’s not however time for hot-weather eating; we tend to still crave quite a lightweight dish.

  5. Laxmi said...

    Spring Stews looks yummy to me. A complete natural healthy diet 🙂

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