So the F.T.C. calls me up, and they’re like. . .


A couple of representatives of the Federal Trade Commission, evidently stung by my column last week (in which I called the agency “spineless”), scheduled a phone call to remind me that the F.T.C. doesn’t have the ability to pass legislation that determines how Big Food markets to children.

I knew that. But that doesn’t mean the F.T.C. needs to praise the industry for its ridiculously transparent self-regulation scheme. Here’s Jon Leibowitz, agency chairman, quoted in The Times: “The industry’s uniform standards are a significant advance and exactly the type of initiative the commission had in mind when we started pushing for self-regulation more than five years ago.”

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  1. doctormel1950 said...

    Just curious, are these PharmaAgroIndustryBureaucrats sucking our taxes up at the trough, neutered before or after they are hired?

  2. elanaspantry said...

    Seriously? Couldn’t they do something better with their time, like protect our children from the fast-food-industrial-complex?

  3. Sarah Sloan said...

    You go Mark. At least we know they are paying attention to you 🙂

  4. markbittman said...

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