So-Called Marcona Almonds


No doubt Marcona almonds have their own appellation, and no doubt they’re special in some wonderfully subtle way. But what makes these babies notoriously delicious – irresistible even – is not that they’re from some unique place but that they’re usually FRIED and then liberally salted. Maybe you didn’t know that. Maybe you didn’t realize you could make them yourself. I didn’t, until I thought about it. And then I found myself, after some baking project or other, with a bunch of skinned (that is, blanched) almonds, and in need of a snack for company, and everything fell into place. I used peanut oil, a couple of inches, and heated it to around 350DF. (You don’t need a thermometer for this. Drop an almond into the oil: when it sinks a bit, then floats right back to the top and starts sizzling, it’s hot enough.) Add a few at a time (I did a couple of batches of about a cup each), and cook just until they color a bit, three minutes or a little longer. Drain on paper towels, salt, cool, serve.

Re-use the oil in stir-fries, or spoon a little over cooked vegetables, or the like. It tastes pretty good. As do the almonds.

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  1. Erik Marcus said...

    Add some rosemary—just like Trader Joe’s does—and then you’re really in business.

  2. jwlucasnc said...

    So Marcona is a style of preparing them, not a type of almond? I agree the TJ prep with rosemary is addictive, but I’d sooner make them myself if it’s this simple.

    • BC said...

      it’s not the same nut as an blanched almond you would buy in the store here

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