Smokin’ Hot White Pizza


By Edward Schneider

Saturday was pizza night at our house. One regular Margherita (we even had basil in the house), and one not so regular, but delicious if you like smoky flavors. Onto a semi-baked crust (I find that this initial pre-baking is necessary in a regular oven with a maximum temperature of 500 or even 550 degrees F), I spread a mixture of about 1/4 nice fluffy, not watery, ricotta and 3/4 smoked mozzarella cut into little pieces, into which was mixed a generous ounce of chopped speck (smoked dry-cured ham, in this instance from Italy), a few slivered leaves of sage, some olive oil and salt and pepper. Watch out for the salt – there’s no predicting how much will be in your mozzarella.

The only danger with this – as, come to think of it, with any pizza – is that, for safety’s sake, it needs to cool a bit before the first bite. So pour a glass of wine, eat an olive or some of that mozzarella and be patient.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Friday is pizza night at our house, so I’m passing this on to the lovely and talented Mrs. D. (We alternate between homegrown and store-bought.)

  2. Anonymous said...

    Pizza night is at my house next month! Great ideas for the toppings.

  3. TheMessyApron said...

    Thanks for the delicious pic and recipe…..I am gonna go buy some Speck!!!

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