Show-Stealing Vegetables

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Imagine this: Your dinner guests are seated around the table, waiting for you to parade out the main course. You triumphantly carry it in on a platter. Oohs and ahs ensue.

What did you picture on that platter? A bronzed turkey, perhaps? A hulking roast? Lobster à l’Américaine? It probably wasn’t vegetables, which have long been entrenched in side-dish territory. But the wow factor isn’t restricted to animal flesh. I’d argue that elevating vegetables to star status is a better display of your culinary chops — and a more unconventional and surprising one — than showcasing a piece of meat.

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  1. Sandra Ekberg said...

    Hurrah for promoting vegetables! Having dined last night at The Modern, I’m scratching my head this morning and wondering why many, so-called top rated, expensive restaurants serve few or no vegetables in their appetizer list or with their entrees, or even have a separate list of them to order as sides. Personally, I don’t want every course to be pure protein, enjoyable as each item may be. I’d be interested in seeing an article about the variety and quality of the vegetables served at various restaurants. In fact, this might be used as one criteria in assessing restaurants.

  2. Marco Guizar said...

    Yes definitely vegetable are great source of nutrition plus looks great when served to guests

  3. Tricia said...

    I made the Stuffed Butternut Squash but added bacon and Dubliner Cheese.
    It came out good

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