Shopping with Bittman, and a story of depraved youth, caught on camera in Toronto

I have nothing against milk in a bag, but I have to admit I was astonished. Note also she included my pot-smoking anecdote.

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  1. gfreemaui said...

    This is fabulous! If I were shopping with Mark I’d probably go all fan girl and be speechless. Or, I’d run around the store showing him all of the best local food and gluten free stuff as though I were a child.

  2. aynsavoy said...

    Unfortunately, I don’t think "don’t buy anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food" works for my generation (I’m in my mid-20s)–my grandmother adores box mixes (for soups, cakes, whatever), Cool Whip, and other highly-processed convenience products. In her words, "If they paid all those scientists all that money to develop these things, they MUST be good!"

  3. gfreemaui said...

    Aynsavoy He has said before that if it doesn’t work for your grandmother, go back to your great grandmothers or great-great and so forth and so on.

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