San Fran Happy Meals are Getting Sadder


Some thoughts about the San Francisco proposed ban on toys in Happy Meals unless they meet certain (rather lame, if you ask me) nutritional requirements. It is movement, I suppose, in the right direction, but 35 percent of calories from fat isn’t exactly low, and if the fat comes from eggs or “low-fat” cheese, it’s exempt, so I could envision such a meal easily containing 50 percent of calories from fat. The requirement to contain a half-cup of fruit and three-quarters cup of vegetables sounds better, although I wonder how I feel about paying kids – giving toys is a form of payment, after all – to eat their fruits and veggies. And certainly when my kids were four they would have been capable of grabbing the toy, eating the 50 percent fat items, then wailing about being forced to eat their fruits and vegies.

This is not a great step forward, but nevertheless it is a step in the right direction. I would’ve voted for it, given the option. I wonder why the Mayor says he’s vetoing it? Too tame, I hope.

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  1. MealMixer said...

    Sadly, I bet he vetoed because he doesn’t want to alienate a corporate tax payer. Maybe the toy is to distract the kids from how awful the food really is?

  2. vadoug said...

    Good for the Mayor. The gall of these city councilmen is almost unbelievable! Who appointed them as the City Nutritionists, or made them think they have any right to dictate how restaurateurs will market their products and services? How about the councilmen stick to filling potholes, and let parents direct their young children’s food choices? That way, everybody can do the job that he’s best at doing.

  3. Michele Simon said...

    San Francisco is both a city and county and as such, bears much of the cost of the negative health impacts of fast food sales within its borders. Far from just filling potholes, a city / county’s role is to help protect the health of its residents. Restaurants are subject to all sorts of laws dictating how they operate, including food safety laws and hours of operation. As for parents, many do not like how McDonald’s undermines their authority by luring young kids with toys. This is a simple step towards placing reasonable limits on this marketing practice.

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