Rethinking the Word ‘Foodie’

At a dinner party the other night where people were asked to say a word about themselves, one woman said, “My name is” — whatever it was — “and I’m a foodie.” I cringed.

I’m not proud of that visceral reaction; in fact, I think it’s wrong. But I do wish there were a stronger, less demeaning-sounding word than “foodie” for someone who cares about good food, but as seems so often the case, there is not. Witness the near-meaningless-ness of “natural” and “vegetarian” and the inadequacy of “organic” and “vegan.” But proposing new words is a fool’s game; rather, let’s try to make the word “foodie” a tad more meaningful.

As it stands, many self-described foodies are new-style epicures. And there’s nothing destructive about watching competitive cooking shows, doing “anything” to get a table at the trendy restaurant, scouring the web for single-estate farro, or devoting oneself to finding the best food truck. The problem arises when it stops there.

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  1. MaryT said...

    Would you prefer ‘eater’?

  2. Sorry you don’t like the name foodie. I get it. But as a non-chef who is in love with making and eating food, what else would you suggest? I used to be a vegetarian for 13 years; 3 of them being vegan. Now I am not locked down to any term. I eat and cook it all. I celebrate food for what it is. I’m not changing the name of my blog, but I am still trying to figure out a better term. Food lover, Food-a-holic, Taste lover, Epicurious…Huh, maybe us foodies should just stick together? =)

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