Rescuing Tartare From the Stuffy, Old Power-Lunchers

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 10.04.11 AMIn the go-go ’80s, “tartare” pretty much meant a pile of raw, well-seasoned chopped beef topped with a raw egg yolk. It was seen as food for the carnivorous power-lunch crowd — tartare even had a cameo as a status symbol in “Wall Street”— and for old-fashioned people who ate at old-fashioned restaurants.

I’m not sure what the first nonbeef tartare was, but I do remember getting a chuckle when my friend and co-author Jean-Georges Vongerichten introduced me to beet tartare sometime around 1990. In any case, tuna tartare has far surpassed beef in popularity, lamb tartare is fashionable and carrot tartare is expensive. In short, the field is wide open, and it’s time for home cooks to forge ahead.

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  1. Lizzie Lundgren said...

    As usual, the graphic for the choose-your-combo dish is beautiful. Any chance there’s going to be (or already is) a monthly calendar featuring one of these graphics a month? I would totally buy it!

  2. crs said...

    Could you be any more irresponsible? Raw meat with raw egg? That’s salmonella surprise gone postal! Do you really want to poison the poor suckers who swallow everything you write?

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