Remembering Marcella

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Marcella Hazan, who died Sept. 29 at the age of 89, never intended to bring real Italian cooking to America. But no matter how accidental her impact, it can hardly be overstated. What Alice Waters did for restaurants, Hazan did for home cooks, demonstrating that the simple treatment of decent ingredients leads to wonderful dishes.

In a way, Hazan was the anti-Julia Child, and Child had a sense of that. In a conversation shortly before her own death, Child said to me: “I don’t get the whole thing with Italian cooking. They put some herbs on things, they put them in the oven and they take them out again.” Exactly.

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  1. Colin said...

    Loved this video.

  2. Patricia Gallery said...

    I just made the tomato sauce with onions and butter published in this week’s NYT – changed my life forever. The roasted endive was also excellent. Thank you, Mark.

  3. Allen Bailey said...

    This is a great video! Marcella Hazan cooking simplicity shines. More videos of sharing the wisdom of long time cooks.

  4. Grazia Solazzi said...

    I just finished reading – and watching – Mark Bittman’s tribute to the late Italian cookbook writer Marcella Hazan, and something popped out from the article: Julia Child’s comment on Italian cooking. As an Italian food writer moving to the U.S. about 12 years ago, I was struck by the different way Italian, French, and American chefs and home cooks approach food, and how their countries’ history and culture shape their expectations of what good food is. I can see why Child thought Italian cooking was too easy – and why she couldn’t relate to the Italian way. (more:

  5. Marge tick said...

    Loved your words re marcella. Long ago I invited victor and Marcella to dinner. What to serve? I chose brisket with kasha and varnishkas. Marcella looked at her plate, said (in Italian ) to victor, “what is this? It was a sic easily dinner complete with Gentleman Jack.

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