This snack bar is so simple to make that you can probably put it together in the time it takes to buy a junkier version at the store. Between the fruit and cereal, there’s a lot of room for variation. Keep it relatively light with puffed rice or shredded wheat; bulk it up with granola (see page 138 for homemade) or whole grain flakes. Dried dates, figs, and apricots are particularly nice.

No-Bake Fruit and Cereal Bars

Yield: About 1 dozen Time: About 15 minutes, plus time to set
2 tablespoons neutral oil (like grapeseed or corn), plus more for greasing
1 1/2 cups dried fruit
2 tablespoons honey
Fruit juice or water as needed
3 cups ready-to-eat cereal or Granola (page 138 of How to Bake Everything)
  1. Lightly grease an 8- or 9-inch square pan. Combine the dried fruit, oil, and honey in a food processor and pulse until sticky; if necessary, add water or juice 1 tablespoon at a time to break up the fruit. In a large bowl, fold the fruit mixture into the cereal until the cereal is well coated.
  1. Press into the prepared pan and refrigerate until set, at least a couple hours. Cut into squares or rectangles. These will keep in an airtight container up to 4 days.