Recipe for a Better Food System

For the last year I’ve been working with my friend Ricardo Salvador and the Union of Concerned Scientists, strategizing about our so-called food system and making healthy food affordable for everyone.

One upshot of this is a recipe video series called, appropriately enough, “Recipe for a Better Food System,” which connects great recipes to even better food policies.

The first video uses peak season tomatoes to get us talking about the people who get those tomatoes (and all our food) to our tables, and the reality of their working conditions. You’ll learn something, I hope, and maybe get some ideas for dinner.

You can also find the video on the Union of Concerned Scientists’ blog.

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  1. Congratulation for the turn you did. Thank you to bring the food chain on the discussion. It is an emergency to rethink food: production, distribution and usage. To cook simple good food is the cheapest way to reform healthcare, decrease the cost and increase longevity, as in France, Chuck Williams is over 100, guess why? I share his passion for Australian ginger. We have to stop to eat at the expense of slavery. We have to support farmers. Your way of cooking is the way I do it for myself, I taught to my daughter and her friends. Cooking healthy and delicious is possible. I was looking to work with a chef ready to present some simple healthy meals done with functional foods. Millennial are ready to learn to be healthy before paying healthcare. I just have finished with my daughter a book about avocado, functional food, I would love to participate to more education program with functional food, I may have some scientific medical information to deliver, that would help public health. (I am in the program of Tulane Medical School to teach cooking to medical students.) To ask people to eat better when you are MD PhD, is not easy, it is difficult to get the respect from repeating common sense talk, it is important to explain that the food makes us what we are from the conception, during pregnancy and for the rest of our lives. To make a duo MD-Chef can be really efficient.

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