Quinoa: Crunchier than Ever

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Not long ago, quinoa was as mysterious as dark matter. Few could even pronounce the name of this ancient, disk-shaped “super grain” from the Andes, mistakenly calling it kwih-NO-ah (it’s KEEN-wah). It tasted a little strange, home cooks didn’t know what to do with it and only vegan restaurants put it on menus.

Now quinoa is everywhere, and seemingly everyone knows everything about it. You probably recognize its grassy flavor and faintly crunchy texture. If I told you that it’s not a grain at all, but rather a chenopod related to spinach and beets, you probably wouldn’t be surprised. And perhaps you know that worldwide demand for quinoa has become so high that many of those who live in the regions of Bolivia where the crop is grown can no longer afford to buy it.

Read the rest of this article and get the recipes here.

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  1. Phil said...

    What a great idea! Think I’ll try this as a replacement for croutons in my salad.

  2. Luke Jones said...

    These look great! Thanks for sharing! Always looking for new ways to use quinoa and experimenting with new plant based recipes.

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