Puzder’s Record on Food Labor

Here are a few words by Jose Oliva and the Food Chain Workers Alliance about the proposed new Labor Secretary, possibly Trump’s worst appointment yet (although given the others, that’s not for sure):

Andy Puzder is a completely unacceptable choice for Labor Secretary. An avowed enemy of restaurant industry reforms, his past is riddled with class action wage theft lawsuits, sexist remarks, and falsehoods that paint wage increases as ‘job-killers,’ minimum wage earners as entitled teenagers, and his own employees as lazy welfare recipients. His nomination threatens the incredible gains our members in the restaurant industry such as ROC United have made over the past eight years, including eliminating the subminimum wage and establishing One Fair Wage for all workers. Contrary to what Puzder and his associates at the National Restaurant Association would have you believe, restaurant workers are largely women and people of color, making as little as $2.13 per hour, and thus relying on tips to survive. As a result, they face disproportionate rates of poverty, discrimination, and sexual harassment. They deserve a Labor Secretary that believes, as Dr. King once said, that all labor has dignity. On behalf of the nation’s 21.5 million hard-working food-chain workers and the 12 million restaurant workers, the Food Chain Workers Alliance and the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United opposes the nomination of Andy Puzder as Labor Secretary.

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  1. Peter said...

    That description made me like Andy Puzder more. Sometimes having the right enemies is a good thing and the Food Chain Workers Alliance is a good enemy to have. They hate economic progress.

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