Potato Tacos

Potato Taco

Photo by Emily Stephenson

I bought some adorable tiny potatoes and mini zucchini this week and my mind immediately went not to showcasing their tiny cuteness but to how I could transform them into that day’s lunch (I was hungry when I went shopping).

I have a hard time with lunch. The ideal lunch dish to me has multiple components (i.e., is fun to eat) but requires no more than an hour of prep and is something I will be happy to eat several days in a row, if not the whole week. With my mini vegetables in hand, my thoughts when to tacos.

I started by boiling the miniature fingerling potatoes until tender. Meanwhile, I sliced the baby zucchini into coins and cooked them, without stirring, in a generous amount of olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and pepper until very well browned on one side. The flavor of zucchini can be disappointing, and one of the ways to mitigate that is getting lots of color. After I was satisfied with the sear, I stirred in a handful of sliced scallions and cooked for just another minute so, until the zucchini was tender but not mushy. I transferred them to a bowl and added the drained potatoes and a little more oil to the skillet. I smashed them with a wooden spoon as they cooked to get as much surface area to fry as possible. Once the potatoes were crispy, I mixed them with the zucchini.

To finish, I charred corn tortillas over an open flame, filled the tacos with the potatoes and zucchini, and spooned over tomatillo salsa and crumbled goat cheese. This has definitely been one of my finer lunch weeks, if I do say so myself.

– Emily Stephenson

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  1. stuart itter said...

    Innovative, creative lunch. Carbohydrates midday deadly for staying awake in the afternoon and keeping weight down. Maybe I will make them for breakfast.

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