Pork and Apples


It is a classic — really killer — combination, but one most people don’t play around with much. Once I started to think about it, though, the possibilities for pork and apples seemed myriad: obviously, you can cook chops and chunks in a cast-iron skillet, maybe with a little bacon and onions . . . an easy vision. Bacon-wrapped apples, skewered and roasted or broiled (or grilled, for you warm-climate people) is another. A B.C.A. — bacon, cheese (soft, mild, brie-ish cheese, especially) and apple — is a fine sandwich, especially when cooked as you would a grilled cheese.

On the slightly more complex side, I turned to the stuffed pork loin. This recipe has been a symbol of winter to me ever since I saw its photo (the stuffing was apricots) in one of the Time-Life “Foods of the World” cookbooks. (These were important works of the ’60s and ’70s, at least to those of us who were cooking.)

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  1. koshem9 said...

    About 30 years ago they served savory apple soup in a restaurant in DC. It taught me that apples, and other sweet ingredients, can be used in many recipes with excellent results. Pork and apple is a great combination.

  2. Matthew Sodoma said...

    That looks absolutely amazing Mark.

  3. Samaher Moe said...

    Geat shot

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