Past Perfect: Memories of Home, and a Huge Thanksgiving Latke

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 12.54.36 PMAfter living in what must have seemed like every neighborhood in three boroughs — Coney Island, the South Bronx, East Flatbush, Spanish Harlem (as it was then called), the Lower East Side — my mother’s parents, in their oldish age, settled in Astoria, which is where I spent almost all the Thanksgivings of my childhood.

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  1. Nanci S said...

    Oh my!! My mother made potato nik and it was a favorite of mine. This is the first time I have heard ANYONE make mention of this recipe, let alone describe it and cook it exactly as she had. I have asked many a food professional, and not even the expert of experts of Jewish cooking, Joan Nathan, had heard of it, or it’s description. I presumed it was a Brooklyn concoction yet never stopped looking (unsuccessfully) for a Potato Nik recipe in every Jewish cookbook I came across. Until today! Thank you so much for bringing me a treasured memory. I’d be standing by my mother’s side as she grated the onions and potatoes, then with dramatic excitement hold our breath as she would turn it onto a plate and back into the pan until it crisped on the underside. She beamed with the pride of a home cook who mastered a challenging recipe every time we ate this most wonderful of humble dishes.
    Thank you for this recipe and gift of a wonderful memory.

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