Pan Drippings in the Dressing

Chicken Salad Photo

Photo by Kerri Conan

The roast chicken carcass sat in a covered casserole with a wee jar of leftover pan sauce balanced on top, lest the two ever be separated in the fridge. With a 50/50 fat-to-sauce ratio you could easily see re-purposing the meat into a stir-fry or pasta. Only I wanted to make chicken salad and there was no way I was wasting this stuff.

I compromised and chucked just the fat cap, then scooped the lemony pan dripping gel into the dish that once held the chicken—which was still coated with tidbits of whatnot—and forked it into golden curds. In went the other dressing ingredients: mayo, thick yogurt, lots of homemade coarse mustard, pickled red onions with a tad of their juice, and fresh dill. I added the shredded chicken, a couple chopped pickle spears, and some minced fennel. (The remaining carcass went into a bag of roasted bones I keep in the freezer for stock.) Not too much dressing, since the chicken was plenty tasty. Then more tossing and mashing to bruise everything a little. But I doubt the gelatinous drippings ever fully melted; nor did I care. This was no aspic, just a savory salad that coated your mouth in full chicken flavor after every bite.

– Kerri Conan

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  1. Anne G said...

    This makes me want to make a chicken salad, serve it on a toasted crouton and top it with chopped aspic.

    • Hawk said...

      originaire du Nord, je prends toujours beaucoup de plaisir à vanner la Bretagne histoire de détourner l’attention ! ;)Concernant les sèche-linge, il y en a de deux sorte, ceux à évacuation qui effectivement renvoie l’eau d&Ã#u17;e2x-m8ªmes et puis ceux à condensation qui permettent dans certains cas de récupérer l’eau.

  2. Jay Burnett said...

    Reminds me of a recipe I stashed, but have not cooked yet ..that of roasting a butter smeared, herb encrusted chicken, over a pan of rough largish croutons . Gotta get to that one soon!

  3. Tomek said...

    This look so good! I will try it today. Thank u.

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