Oatmeal Explosion on the Today Show


So last week I wrote about oatmeal, now I’m cooking it.

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  1. sutherslat said...

    I just made your oatmeal fritters for lunch–amazingness!! So tasty, even without dipping sauce.

  2. Alex Beecher said...

    Soaking your oats, as per the muesli recipe, is also a great way to overcome the "I don’t have time" excuse. Even steel cut oats will cook in about as quick as it takes morning coffee to brew.

  3. rosemaryevergreen said...

    Whole oat groats don’t take "forever" to cook! They take about the same amount of time as unsoaked steel-cut oats, about 45 minutes, and have an even fresher, nuttier flavor.

  4. Cat Dillon said...

    Hey Mark! I posted on the same topic of oats the very same day!!! (Liked the oat cakes and linked your video on my site) http://caterpillarfitness.com/blog/2011/03/no-excuses-oats-in-a-flash-no-microwave/

  5. djmsalem said...

    Not the kind of explosion I was hoping to see, actually, but still fun.

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