Mushroom and Nori Soup


By Alaina Sullivan

Mushrooms are delicate but powerful in their ability to add rich meatiness to cooked dishes. This recipe calls for about three cups of mushrooms, though in my fungi-frenzy I measured closer to four. I used shiitake, oyster and cremini — each contributed a distinct texture, creating a rhythm of chewy, porous and meaty spoonfuls. The mushrooms swim in a broth of chicken stock and soy sauce, which intensifies the earthy flavor of the dish. The addition of lemon juice gives a surprising brightness, pulling it up from its savory depths, and strips of nori add a note of the sea. Recipe from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express

Mushroom and Nori Soup

In a pot over high heat, cook about three cups of mushrooms (any combinations works; oyster and shiitake is especially good) in a couple of tablespoons of butter until they begin to release their liquid; add a diced onion, a minced garlic clove, and a chopped celery stalk and cook until the onion in translucent. Add about four cups of vegetable or chicken stock, a quarter cup of soy sauce, the juice of a lemon, a pinch of celery seed, salt, and pepper. Cook until the vegetables are tender. Tear or slice a sheet of nori into strips and put in soup bowls; pour soup over the nori (it will mostly dissolve) and serve.  


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  1. Sofia Ricci said...

    This soup is to die for! Love the combination of soy sauce and lemmon with the mushrooms. Thanks Mark, you’ve helped survive as a college student learning how to cook!

  2. “Mushroom and Nori Soup” are very tasty, using them regularly will be good for your health, thank you for sharing this dish.

  3. بلبرینگ said...

    This soup is to die for! Love the combination of soy sauce and lemmon with the mushrooms

  4. Sandy said...

    Enjoy your recipes.

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