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More than a year ago, I gathered a small team of geniuses (self not included) with the idea of re-launching as something interesting and different. And it was successful in a limited and static way: we put up some recipes, pictures, and videos, we launched a discussion (or at least a description) of Food Matters, and we appealed to visitors to join us in thinking up ways to change the way America eats. And lots of people visited.

All of that is still here: You can browse recipes, pictures, and videos, which will change periodically; you can sign up for a newsletter (which we’ll try to send out with some regularity); you can learn more about Food Matters, How to Cook Everything, and some of the other things I do.

But now there’s more. Starting today, will become an active, dynamic, bloggy, constantly updated site. We’re calling it a “slog,” a combination of “salon” and “blog.”* And we’re going to try to slog our way forward, so that eventually, there’ll be even more here – a place to share and comment on recipes, on eating styles and changing habits, a place to offer your own variations, pictures, videos. A place where you can participate in a variety of ways. A conversation.

The starting place for the slog is a kind of community table, where people gather to share ideas, opinions, experiences, and news about food. We’re going to have first-rate contributors, old professionals and new, reporters, thinkers, and cooks (sometimes people who are all three), writing about topics that will be diverse, interesting, and sometimes controversial. (Soon, we’re going to solicit contributions from anyone who wants to join us. This Means You.)

I’ll be posting regularly of course, but here are some of the characters you’ll find here in the next few days:

–       former Gourmet food politics reporter Barry Estabrook, who’ll give us a weekly update on what’s going on in the world of food politics and policy;

–       outlaw cook John Thorne, a brilliant cook and food writer who is co-author (with Matt Thorne, his wife), of Simple Cooking, a the best food newsletter ever, a bloggy publication that predates the word “blog”; 

–       The Value of Nothing author Raj Patel, a young and pursuasive new voice in the world of food politics and economics;

–       Pam Anderson, a fantastic home cook, fellow alumnus of the old Cook’s Magazine, author of a bunch of great books including Perfect Recipes for Having People Over, and the brains (with her daughters) behind

–       Kelly Brownell, who runs the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity and who is an instrumental player in pushing for intelligent food policy;

–       My associates Kerri Conan, Suzanne Lenzer, Laura Anderson, and Daniel Meyer, devoted cooks, bakers, and recipe developers, who will help me keep you in touch with the new (and, I hope, exciting) things we’re working on;

–       Civil Eats editor Paula Crossfield, who raises issues (and sometimes proposes solutions) before they’re on most people’s radar;

–       Cathy Erway, whose Not Eating Out in New York ( has been a welcome and fun addition to the web food scene;

–       and quite a few more. We’ll be adding more regulars, and occasionals, as time goes on.

Check back; it’s going to be fun. (If not, you can blame me.) We need you. And to sweeten the pot, we’ll be giving away i-apps, books, and more, starting … maybe later today!


(We thought up the word “slog” on our own. Brilliant or not, it evolved from our discussing this site. Turns out, of course, in the great-minds-think-alike department, that the excellent Seattle-based site, The Stranger, calls its news and arts updates Slog. Not “the” slog, or “a” slog …slog. Well, it’s good company, and we hope they feel the same way.)


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  1. wizzythestick said...

    Hoping that your giveaways will be open to your international readers. Looking forward to see how this slog develops

  2. ravenouscouple said...

    congratulations! looking forward to many informative posts

  3. DivinaPe said...

    Congratulations. Just like everybody else, I’m looking forward to your informative post and great recipes.

  4. raynag said...

    I’ll be slogging right along with you, Mark. What would my Wednesday’s Times be without you? My copy of How to Cook Everything is literally in pieces, I’ve used it so much. And HtCEVeg has joined it on the shelf, albeit still in one piece.

  5. Mickwils said...

    Slogging is cool.. a two-way.. really a place to express what you think may be what others may not agree but to be open to others views!! thanks a million Mark Bittman for this avenue.. hearty congrats for this new venture.. much appreciated..

  6. susanhickok said...

    Love Pam Anderson! I have all her books and, what can I say — they’re all dog-eared and batter splattered! Looking forward to seeing her featured here.

  7. reader54 said...

    In today’s NYT opinion piece you wrote about a fast movement to bring attention the federal cuts in poverty and food enhancement programs. Can you tell us where we can obtain information about this fast? Thank you.

  8. Shirley Sklar said...

    Had one of your recipes from NYT/ THE MINIMALIST for Blueberry Cobbler and decided to try it. Followed instructions, I think, to the T
    but when took it out of oven, there was no top crust — only few pieces scattered throughout blueberries. What did I do wrong?

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