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A struggle that all of us should get behind: Fast food workers around the country are organizing (including with widespread strikes) to protest untenably low wages. (McDonald’s, more than any other restaurant operator, has worked to suppress pay rates, enforce harsh work procedures and prevent unionization.)

Speaking of  critical work in food and labor, Jessie Lopez De La Cruz, a longtime leader in the national farmworker movement, has died at 93. She was one of the first woman members and organizers of the United Farmworkers of America in Fresno, Calif.

The editors of Scientific American think mandatory G.M.O. labeling is a bad idea. Rather than providing consumers with useful information, they suggest, labels would only heighten the misconceptions that genetically modified foods endanger our health. The same would be true for anything else questionable, I suppose; sounds like a dumb position for a sometimes-smart magazine.

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  1. Seeds of Reprisal: Monsanto vs Michael White

    I am completing a book about a farmer’s battle with Monsanto that I think you might find interesting. “Michael White, a seed merchant and fourth generation farmer, was living the American Dream on Alabama’s Sand Mountain. But the dream disintegrated into a nightmare soon after he spotted a man from Monsanto spying on him.”

    Please click on the following link for more information.


    J. Somerville Park, author

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