9 Ways to Cook Chicken Breasts People Will Actually Love


I used to be one of those people who ragged on boneless, skinless chicken breasts for being flavorless and dry. That was until I learned how not to overcook them.

In preparing chicken breasts, remember that they should be cooked only until the last traces of pink have vanished—and no longer. A thinnish breast subjected to high heat can be done in as little as 6 minutes, or it might take as long as 10 minutes or even a bit more—but never 20 minutes unless you are cooking the thing on a radiator.

Whatever you cook a chicken breast with is going to gain prominence, and whatever cooking method you use will have plenty of impact. This provides a good reason to keep things as simple as possible: a skillfully sautéed chicken breast with lemon juice is a beautiful thing. But gaining that skill takes some practice, and even for veterans, attention must be paid.

Here are nine of my favorite chicken recipes, all featured in The Matrix.

Cook one of these recipes this week, or share one of your own, using #MatrixChallenge. Just like last week, I’ll be sharing some of your dishes, and one person will win a 12-inch cast iron skillet from Lodge.

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  1. Michael Porter said...


    I have bought all of your books and have gifted thern to several p we ople along with following your columns, trips to Spain etc. But these links are a major PITA and don’t help your cause or profile. You can’t get even a glimpse of the receipes on a small tablet or phone. Good luck to your new venture but I will find my advice elsewhere.

  2. Alex Grady said...

    All of the recipes looks really delicious and tempting!!

  3. DANIEL. OLSON said...


  4. diane laffey said...

    Hi, I make thin chicken breasts frying them in spray olive oil. The sauce is made with browning my mushrooms well, then add 1 cup white dry wine, then add a pint of whipping cream. Stir till the back of a wood spoon is staying on . Make the sauce first, chicken takes no time when thin. I also add salt & pepper with & a little McCormick simple pinch of a blended seasoning. Now I am ready to try one of your recipes. Thank you, Diane Now I will try one of your recipes!

  5. Kate said...

    Where to start? I love your NYTimes stuff. I have 2 of your hard bound cookbooks — though they are poorly bound and falling apart with some but not requisite use– and one iBook and one app. So first please improve the quality of your productions. Honestly Imdo best by googling whatever with your name.

    Second,tonight I Wanted to learn why you had left the Tmes. Then I got waylaid by wanting to see your 9 chicken breast recipes. I haven’t gotten there yet.. But got caught up in having to pay an app money–how much Imdont know as I am in thm14!day free period — now we all know one should NEVER sign up for something one doesn’t understand.

    I’m with you on being a healthy foodie but I don’t know about this paid app.

    So in the meantime I’m glad you love Berkeley California where,I,was,born
    more,than 73 years ago.And I hope you still love the person you recently fell in love with. But most of all right now Imwant to see those 9 recipes. XO

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