It’s Wild-Salmon Season

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Atlantic salmon is an endangered species, but it’s also always in season: we have fish farming to thank for that, if “thank” is the word.

Therefore almost all wild salmon is Pacific. And in flavor, texture and color, the Pacific species of king (or Chinook), sockeye and coho are all superior to any farmed salmon.

Wild salmon is seasonal, and we’re smack in the middle of that season. Unless you live in Alaska or the Northwest, where fresh wild salmon are practically flung onto your doorstep along with the morning paper, these fish remain a rare treat, shipped to markets around the country for a few precious weeks in mid- to late summer.

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  1. steve said...

    You should probably note that salmon should be frozen to kill parasites before eating raw

  2. Kathleen mccormack said...

    Unrelated to salmon: your citrus pound cake is a HUGE hit with all my friends. I feel like a fraud accepting all the compliments.
    BTW for an almond allergy, do you have a recommended substitute?
    All the best, with the highest admiration -K

  3. Laura Anderson said...

    Wish I wasn’t writing for the first time with a negative. However, I believe it’s important to clarify that West Coast wild salmon is under threat due to the fish farming industry. Only in Canada – Alaska won’t allow them and as a result their waters remain pristine. Fish farms off the coast of British Columbia are contaminating the wild salmon and herring populations irrevocably. This is happening in Norway also, the country that owns most of the BC fish farms. Check out media outcry in Norway versus the silence in BC and Canada. Only Alexandra Morton, marine biologist, is advocating for the termination of fish farms in BC before the fish populations are exterminated. Harsh news but the the famous BC wild salmon no longer flops onto plates with the morning newspaper – it is lice and disease ridden thanks to fish farms – and that’s a fact. Sent with sadness by LA

  4. Rita said...

    Is there wild salmon this time of the year?? I went to Freeport New York and they has Fresh salmon which they said it’s wild Salmon. I bought some but I was a bit scared because the color is light pink to whit and I also thought that this time of the year there is no wild salmon. Can someone answer my question. Thanks

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