I’m Joining The Purple Carrot!

In case you missed it, I’m joining The Purple Carrot as co-founder, partner and Chief Innovation Officer. Here’s a great piece by Matt Rodbard in Food Republic with some more details.


Eric Tanner

Photograph by Eric Tanner

Mark Bittman Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

Why the activist-columnist left journalism to run a vegan startup

In fairness, the offal was sent compliments of the kitchen.

Mark Bittman grabs the ramekin of chicken liver brûlée with a hand the size of an NBA power forward’s before breaking through the caramelized crust with a dagger of crusty bread. I’ve met the author of the best-selling VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 for lunch at the Breslin, April Bloomfield’s New York City restaurant famous for lamb burgers and boards stacked with liverwurst and head cheese. “Today is a bad day,” says Bittman when asked about breaking his famous meat-and-dairy-free-during-daylight edict during our flowing conversation, which skips between millennial slackerdom, Bill Clinton and Bittman’s next chapter after leaving The New York Times in September: He is serving as chief innovation officer at vegan meal-kit delivery service Purple Carrot, which was officially announced this morning. “But, really, we are celebrating, so it’s not so bad,” he says with a laugh.

The lunch was part of a two-day media blitz promoting the author’s latest book, which was being released that day, a compilation of his popular New York Times Magazinecolumn Kitchen Matrix. Earlier in the morning, the tall and trim 65-year-old had been hawking the book on television and NPR, and later he will tape with the “really intense” Dr. Oz. So it’s clear the dude deserves a basket of beer-battered Long Island fluke and Bloomfield’s supreme pomme frites. “You should eat some of these,” he insists in a long-simmered Manhattan drawl. Bittman was raised in New York City’s Stuyvesant Town, and until earlier this year lived mostly in the Northeast — between Boston, Connecticut and New York City — before relocating to Northern California in January. “Living in Berkeley is fucking awesome,” he says with a smile. And with a new job building a plant-based cooking brand, his first full-time gig outside of media in over 30 years, the roaring startup economy might be pretty fucking awesome for Mark Bittman, too.

Read the full story here.

Want to cook with me? Get $20 off with promo code NEWCARROT at The Purple Carrot.

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  1. Linda said...

    Mr. Bittman – I will miss your columns but wish you all the best at your new endeavor. I am hoping that with the purple carrot you will be able to convince my 12 year old that eating vegetables does NOT require making gagging noises at the table. I am telling her that this is the closest she will get to having you cook for her! I am getting desperate here so please work your magic on the next generation of food eaters! All the best and thanks for all the wonderful recipes and stories over the many years you have been sharing with your readership.

  2. J. Mark said...

    I was disappointed to hear this! Given your knowledge of and influence on the food system, you could be doing so many more and better things to change it than giving the wealthy yet another convenience-food option.

  3. Paul Tasner said...

    Hi Mark:

    Read your story in Fast Company and felt like we were very much aligned with regard to sustainability and packaging. If you visit our web site, I think you’ll agree with my assessment, sir. In short, we’d love to help. We’ve got some ideas already and are eager to share.

    We’re also in the Bay Area, by the way.

    Personally, my wife and I are fans and have been for quite some time.

    Thanks for listening, Mark.

    Paul Tasner

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